Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fusion Newborn Bomber Hat

There are so many babies everywhere!!! I can't knit hats fast enough!  This bomber is for a friend who is pregnant with a boy due the end of March.  They live in Colorado and I'm hoping that it's cold enough there for him to get some wear out of it.  I will add photos of him in it as soon as I get some but for now the hat will be modeled by a bear.

For this project you will need:
 Size 6 (4mm) double pointed knitting needles
Size F crochet hook
3 colors worsted weight acrylic yarn
yarn needle
2 buttons
Stitch marker

Ear flaps (make 2 with main color)
K1, MK1R, K1, MK1L, K1
Purl across
K1, MK1R, knit to last stitch, MK1L, K1
Purl across
Continue with this pattern until there are 15 stitches on the needle.  End with a purl row.

Main Hat:
CO9, knit across 15 from one ear flap, CO16, knit across 15 from other ear flap, CO9 (total of 64 stitches)
Join in the round taking care not to twist your stitches. Place stitch marker.
K 3 rows in main color
K2 rows in second color (Don't worry about jogs in the stripes since the seam will be covered by the bomber flap)
K3 rows in third color
K2 rows in second color
K in main color until the hat measures 8 cm (not including ear flap)

[K6, K2tog] repeat to end of round
K across row
[K5, K2tog] repeat to end of round
K across row
[K4, K2tog] repeat to end of round
K across
Continue with this pattern until the last round is K2tog around
Sew yarn through the last stitches, tie knot and sew in all loose ends

With the size F crochet hook, using the secondary color of yarn, single crochet across the 18 stitches on the front of hat (the side with the stitch marker).  Single crochet back and forth until flap measure approx. 5cm. Tie off.  Using the third color yarn, start at the tip of an ear flap and single crochet around the frame of the hat including the outside of the bomber flap.  You should end at the tip of the ear flap where you began.  Tie ends together and weave in.  Sew the two buttons to the top corners of the bomber flap to secure it to the main hat.

Copywrite Material: This pattern may be used to make gifts or donations but you cannot sell items made from this pattern.  You cannot sell this pattern.  This pattern cannot be reproduced, rewritten, or reposted anywhere.  Feel free to link to this pattern if you would like to share it. Happy knitting! 

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