Monday, February 20, 2012

Random Coaster

I haven't felted since I made the French Press slippers and since that was the ONLY time I have ever felted, I wanted to play with it a bit more.  Can't go wrong with making a quick coaster!  I think it turned out pretty good.  I used scrap worsted wool yarn, using double strands of each color.

Using size 15 straight knitting needles CO 12
Row 1-Knit across with brown
Row 2- Purl across with brown
Row 3-Knit across with brown
Row 4-Purl across with yellow
Row 5-Knit across with yellow
Row 6- Purl across with yellow
Row 7- Knit across with yellow
Row 8-Purl across with brown
Row 9-Knit across with brown
Row 10-Purl across with brown
Row 11-Knit across with brown
Row 12-Purl across with yellow
Row 13- Knit across with yellow
Row 14-Purl across with yellow
Row 15-Knit across with yellow
Row 16-Purl across with brown
Row 17-Knit across with brown
Row 18-Purl across with brown
Row 19-BO

To felt put the coaster in a pillow case and tie off and run through the hot wash until felted.  Every machine is different but mine took about 15 minutes to felt.

Copywrite Material: This pattern may be used to make gifts or donations but you cannot sell items made from this pattern.  You cannot sell this pattern.  This pattern cannot be reproduced, rewritten, or reposted anywhere.  Feel free to link to this pattern if you would like to share it. Happy knitting!

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